The Perfect Christmas Gifts for Girls

DIY Christmas gift ideas for girls are a great way to stay inexpensive for your little ones. Possibly, money isn’t an issue and your goal is to provide the women in your family with a sentimental item? Whichever the case, there are plenty of ideas for your teen, wife, daughter, or whichever womanly figure that has inspired you this holiday season. The perfect gift can only be found through your knowledge and experience because don’t forget, most girls like different things. Originality and uniqueness are key factors that every woman looks for in her gifts. Heres how you do it.

1. Hot Chocolate Kit


All girls like food and most of them love chocolate. DIY Christmas gift ideas for girls include a hot cocoa kit. Uniqueness comes into this gift once you figure out how to package it, placing each individual item into tiny jars will work just fine. However, there’s the chance of building them as snowman or other holiday creatures. Marshmallows, cocoa, cinnamon sticks, and spice are the 4 items you would need to make this gift. If you have a knack for cooking, a homemade hot chocolate gift will be twice as welcomed. The season is cold and it’s time to bundle up with a blanket and a drink.

2. Wine Bottle Wrapped in Rochers


To appreciate all the lovely work your wife or girlfriend does for you. This gift requires about 40 rochers, plastic wrap, long grass, and a wine bottle. Pick her favorite wine or even your favorite wine because we know she will probably be sharing it with her loved ones. This DIY Christmas gift ideas for girls will wow her with the effort you put into this. It’s not too costly depending on where you grab your materials. Glue or tape the rochers tightly all around the wine bottle and then securely reinforce the stalks of grass in between the rochers and then wrap the entire thing in plastic. Your work will transform it into a pineapple! source: Cute DIY Projects

3. DIY Bath Bombs


Bath bombs have been very popular these past 2 years and introduce your loved ones towards a relaxing spa day without going to the spa. If bath bombs aren’t in your area or you simply don’t want to spend money on them, then you can make your own! The ingredients you can find for DIY Christmas gift ideas for girls are most likely in your pantry but maybe a couple things will cause you to run to the store. Bath bomb molds are essential for this gift in order to make the round shape that they come in. After you have completed mixing ingredients and let the bath molds dry for 24 hours, they’re ready to be packaged and presented!

4. Jersey Knit Bracelets


This cute bracelet DIY Christmas gift ideas for girls is simple and easy to make. It’s a special finger weaving technique that takes about 10 minutes to make. You can use various materials to make this idea like shoelace strings or strips of t-shirts. There are many easy tutorials that can help you figure out exactly how to make this bracelet, but it’s been all the talk lately among new teens. There are different levels of thickness if your teen prefers a different style, you could use glitter or fabric markers to add designs. Follow the tutorial and voila, a perfect easy inexpensive gift for your loved one!